Checksum Verification While Offloading

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Offloading camera cards properly can be one of the most important parts of the filmmaking process. Checksum verification helps ensure that those cards are copied 100% accurately. Learn more about why using finder is not secure, checksum values, different types of checksums and a few more helpful tips and tricks about the offloading process.


What do I mean by verify? Simply put, it’s determining that copied files exactly match originals.

Many people think checking total file sizes using Finder or Explorer assures they match. But the truth is unless there’s a catastrophic copy failure, Finder will report the allotted space for the copy not the actual file information. And, if you’re comparing contents of a folder or mounted volume, the file count and used space may be different due to hidden files.

And copying with just ‘Drag & Drop’ rarely gives any indication of copy failures and no assurances of byte sequences within the files. You can only know that by calculating the checksum values of the source and comparing it to the checksum of the copied file. While you could do that with Terminal commands or other labor-intensive means, from a practical standpoint you need a copy application that automates this function for you.

There are many different checksum types with various targeted uses. In the video industry however, the majority of workflows now rely on MD5 or the newer XXHash. Both are relatively quickly calculated and yield a high degree of certainty that two files exactly match. In other words, there’s a very low possibility with either of matching checksum values unless the files are in fact identical.

MD5 checksums typically are more CPU intensive than the XXHash, which relies more on system RAM for it’s processing. For this reason, computers with faster RAM hardware will see faster turn around on checksums with XXHash than using the MD5 type.

From a quality control point of view, sampling clips at beginning, middle and end helps give some assurance that the video files are not corrupt. But it’s also a good idea to spot check for things like unwanted items in view, etc.

Of course playing clips requires a player that supports the specific format. While each camera manufacturer generally offers a proprietary application for specific file types, there are a couple products like our HD-VU2™ software that’s designed to sample footage without transcoding or altering files.

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Manual Application Activation – Firewall or Internet Problems

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.30.43 AM

Sometimes customers run into firewall or internet issues when trying to activate applications. Have no fear! There is a simple manual activation process that I am going to walk you through step by step, right now.

  • In the activation window select Manually Activate (for users with Firewall/Internet problems)
  • The manual activation window will then pop up with three spots for different information; serial number, ID number and personal activation number.

*SIDE NOTE: The ID Number is for that particular computer, this is a great way to keep track of your serial numbers. Create an excel spreadsheet and with the serial number, ID number and application for reference in the future. This is especially important for those that own multiple licenses of the same application.

  • Anyway, back to manual activation! From your phone or a computer that has internet access log into your account on our website. On the My Product page select Manually Activate button for the application you would like to activate.MA-01
  •  On the next page you will see your serial number (product code) at the top and then a place for your ID number (pictured above). In the Manual Activation window in the app, put your serial number in the top spot where it says …. serial number!
  • On the webpage put the ID number in from the application, then select the Activate Now button.
  • The next page will provide you with a personal activation number, put this number in the manual activation window in the personal activation number spot.
  • Select Activate and you are all set!Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.09.39 AM

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Deactivating and Moving An Application License

One of the most common questions we get everyday is “How can I move my license from my laptop to my desktop?” It’s a fairly simple process if you know what you’re doing and it’s that last part that is so key, if you know what you’re doing. We’ve decided to lay the steps out for you here to increase flexibility and usability for our products because after all, its you the customer that keeps us moving forward in the industry.

Shameless plug: Recently we were notified that we’ve made the shortlist of the “20 Most Promising Solution Providers in 2016” in the Media and Entertainment sector. We’d like to take a minute to thank our loyal customers, making excellent software is all well and good but without you, it would be all for nothing! Thanks for your unwavering faith in us.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.07.43 AMOK let’s get started!

Deleting or removing applications DOES NOT DEACTIVATE them. If you’re trying to move an activated copy of an application from one computer to another you MUST deactivate the registration before removing the application. Deactivate is a function under the application menu, just above Quit inside our Macintosh applications. For Windows applications, the Deactivate function may be found under HELP, ABOUT or FILE menus depending upon the version.

For the Mac applications PreRollPost, ShotPut Pro, ProxyMill, LUT Sync and ShotSum; go to Applications menu and move the application to the Trash.

For ProxyMill, you’ll find a folder named Imagine Products in the Computer Root Hard Disk that contains ffmpeg folders which can also be deleted.

The registration/preferences information for these are stored in the Computer Root Hard Disk’s Library/Application Support/ImagineProducts folder. PreRoll Post also stores it’s database in this directory so you can remove the PrerollPost folder as well, if you wish to permanently delete the database. **Please note to move the database contents from one computer to another you may copy this folder intact.

Please note for PreRoll Post the default location for thumbnails and proxies is in the Application Support area mentioned above. However, the user does have the option to store them elsewhere when setting up the application.

For Windows applications ShotPut Pro and PreRoll Post, simply right-click on the application in the Start menu and choose UNINSTALL. Depending upon your version of Windows you may need to go to Program Manager to Remove the application.

Since Windows applications store information in the Registry you need to run the Uninstall or Remove function provided by the operating system to completely remove these. Just deleting the application does not fully uninstall.
So that’s it! Pretty simple and straightforward once you know the appropriate steps.

NAB 2016 Wrap Up


What a show! I don’t know about all of you, but we had a great time in Vegas this year. Every year gets better and better, there’s no doubt about that but this year surpassed all expectations. We showed more workflow software and met more incredible people than ever before. We showed new software and gave sneak peaks of two MAJOR updates due out this summer. If you were there you know how exciting it was and if you missed it, that’s ok! There are plenty of ways to get caught up. Below is a little taste of what we showed. Stay tuned for our next blog post on NAB 2016 thoughts and impressions.

SPP5 new SMALL mac-01ShotPut Pro This offloading application for Windows and Mac users offers security, reliability and continuity when offloading your assets. Offload from multiple locations,to multiple locations with naming conventions as well as checksums. Don’t trust your valuable content to finder or explorer! Learn more here.

HD-VU2 new SMALL transHD-VU2 The perfect companion to ShotPut Pro! HD-VU2 is a native file viewer that instantly plays over 20 camera formats without transcoding. Add LUTs and sync external audio files for a complete quality check. Watch folders enable HD-VU2 to ‘talk’ to ShotPut Pro and pull in clips for viewing. Learn more here.

PM new SMALL trans-01ProxyMill
Transcode clips to shareable or editable files in just one step with ProxyMill. Burn in time code or a watermark as well as color correction for shareable files. Easily up-res to ProRes for editing as well as merge or stitch clips together. You can also make audio-only files for transcripts. Learn more here.


PRP new SMALL trans-01PreRoll Post Our LTFS archiving application can work with any LTO drive and Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. Archive your completed projects or dailies with PreRoll Post easily to multiple locations at the same time. Checksums deliver peace of mind that archives are 100% accurate and secure. Learn more here.


NAB 2016 Pictures

NAB 2016 Collage 1NAB 2016 Collage 2

Look for our next blog; NAB 2016 Thoughts & Impressions COMING SOON!