CineGear 2017

CineGear is always a great show. Who doesn’t love being on the Paramount lot? There’s an incredible amount of history in one place AND there’s more being made everyday. This year we were on Stage 15 which has been home to some incredible movies and tv shows like True Grit, The Hunt for Red October, The Birdcage and Glee. Probably the coolest building I saw was the furniture warehouse – what I wouldn’t give to walk through there!

New at CineGear for us this year was PrimeTranscoder – it’s a transcoding app – as if that weren’t obvious from the title. Between that and talking about long term storage with PreRoll Post I don’t think I stopped talking for a solid two days. Which is great particularly since that’s my job!

One of the coolest things about being in Hollywood is the casual name or project dropping. We talked to people who had worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and American Gods and learned how far and wide our software has traveled! We heard horror stories of lost media and hero stories about how ShotPut Pro saved a project (and probably someones job!). We also made some people VERY happy by announcing ShotPut Pro 6 for Windows would be released as soon as we got back – and it was (and it’s awesome)!

Overall it was another incredibly successful show for us. Check out some of our pictures below and if you are looking for workflow tools – look no further, We’ve Got Your Back(Up)!


CineGear 2016 Wrap Up

CineGear 2016 was our first time attending the LA show – and what a treat it was! The weather was nice and hot but the people were completely cool and friendly. You can expect to see us again at CineGear in the future! Check out our impressions of the show and see what we showed – LOTS of new things coming from Imagine Products this summer!CineGear Collage

Let’s start with the picture collage above, this is a great representation what we saw and what we showed at CineGear. Top left corner; ProxyMill 5 is due out this summer and we showed it off at the Tech Awards banquet – that’s right, we think it’s award worthy! Left middle; Dan the demo man talking about ShotPut Pro Windows on the Surface tablet, imagine how much lighter travel can be with ShotPut Pro on a tablet… and now it’s possible! Bottom left corner; we always find a fun place to toast the end of the show and there was plenty to toast at CineGear 2016. Top middle; showing off our new pop up banners! Bottom middle; there were all kinds of neat toys running around the show. We ran into this guy a number of times, can’t wait to see all the footage of the show he got! Right; it was very cool to be on the Paramount lot. It was neat to get a behind the scenes look at all the different aspects of filming on a studio lot.

So what did we show? And who did we see?

SPP5 new LARGE MW-01

ShotPut Pro This offloading application for Windows and Mac users offers security, reliability and continuity when offloading your assets. Offload from multiple locations,to multiple locations with naming conventions as well as checksums. Don’t trust your valuable content to finder or explorer! Learn more here.

HD-VU2 new SMALL transHD-VU2 The perfect companion to ShotPut Pro! HD-VU2 is a native file viewer that instantly plays over 20 camera formats without transcoding. Add LUTs and sync external audio files for a complete quality check. Watch folders enable HD-VU2 to ‘talk’ to ShotPut Pro and pull in clips for viewing. Learn more here.

PM new SMALL trans-01ProxyMill
Transcode clips to shareable or editable files in just one step with ProxyMill. Burn in time code or a watermark as well as color correction for shareable files. Easily up-res to ProRes for editing as well as merge or stitch clips together. You can also make audio-only files for transcripts. Learn more here.


PRP new SMALL trans-01PreRoll Post Our LTFS archiving application can work with any LTO drive and Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. Archive your completed projects or dailies with PreRoll Post easily to multiple locations at the same time. Checksums deliver peace of mind that archives are 100% accurate and secure. Learn more here.


Roger Mabon stopped by the booth and talked to us about the archiving solution = PreRoll Post + LTO7 mTape. Watch it here!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.32.45 PM

CineGear 2016 was a great show! It’s always nice to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and see all the new cameras, lights, gadgets and toys.

See you at CineGear 2017!