PreRoll Post: Adding/Removing LTO Tapes or Tape Content

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One of the greatest features of PreRoll Post is it’s database. Here you will find every LTO tape ever created in PreRoll Post regardless if the tape is mounted or not. This is incredibly useful when it comes time to retrieve content. But for one reason or another you might need to delete a tape from your database OR add tape that wasn’t created in PreRoll Post to your database. This post will quickly walk you through that process.
To Delete:
Select the tape in the ‘Retrieve’ window and click the delete button on your keyboard, or right mouse click and choose Delete. This doesn’t delete anything from the tape, just your view of it in the Retrieve dialog. (This feature is handy for tapes you’re delivering to clients that you no longer wish to be able to search their contents.)
To Add:
Mount the tape and go to ‘Retrieve’ window. Right click on it and choose IMPORT FILES. That reads the index on the tape and uses it to populate the Retrieve database information.
See! I told you it was easy 🙂 This process can be used in both the Macintosh and Windows version. Thanks for reading, #archivesecurely
About PreRoll Post: PreRoll Post is an LTFS archiving application optimized for the media and entertainment industry. PreRoll Post securely archives assets to LTO tapes or ODA cartridges using simple drag and drop functionality as well as checksum technology to ensure archives are 100% accurate. PreRoll Post uses the LTFS open-source so even tapes not created in PreRoll Post can be imported and retrieved (*only those using LTFS). PreRoll Post is compatible with any LTO tape drive as well as Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. For more information visit the Archive Home Page on 

2 thoughts on “PreRoll Post: Adding/Removing LTO Tapes or Tape Content

  1. I’ve tried this but it doesn’t give me a recursive index. Is there a way to get it to index and give me a listing of the tape’s entire contents? I’m dealing with a spanned backup on LTO6 tape which was made with this same LTO7 Drive which I am using for the retrieval.


    1. If you’ve created the tape with PreRoll Post is should have created the database. If it did not, first mount the tape and from the retrieval tab, select the tape > right click > select import files. This should automatically generate the database for you – if you did not create the tape in PRP you can do this to pull the content into a database as well. Please feel free to email us at for futher assisstance.


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