ShotPut Pro SQLite Error

SPP5 new SMALL mac-01

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes even the best software gets a little twisted up and needs to be reset or in this case the database needs deleted. Usually the problem occurs when ShotPut Pro is trying to install the update and the application is still open.

If you are receiving the error, “ShotPutPro5.sqlite” couldn’t be opened, don’t fret! It’s an easy fix that I am going to quickly walk you through!

Close ShotPut Pro and run this terminal command to delete the database

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/ImagineProducts/ShotPutPro5/ShotPutPro5.sqlite   *you can totally copy and paste this into terminal!!

ShotPut Pro will recreate it as needed upon next launch. You can find terminal in the applications>utilities folder on your computer.

See! It was that simple. Find more FAQs on our Imagine Blog #offloadconfidently

About ShotPut Pro: ShotPut Pro is an offloading application optimized for the media and entertainment industry. ShotPut Pro quickly and securely offloads any file, folder or media using drag and drop functionality and checksum technology. Offload from multiple locations, to multiple locations automatically with watch folders. ShotPut Pro will send email or text notifications when the offload is complete and generate exportable offload logs and reports. For more information visit the Offload Home Page on 

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